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Who We Are and What We're About

Hi, my name is Amanda and I manage "The Pit Stop" with the help of my husband. I love all animals but I've always been driven to help the neglected and abused animals. I feel everyone is put on this earth for a reason and I think this is mine. In the beginning, we bought a red nose pit bull because we were disturbed at just how many people were not fond of the breed. It seemed everyone we come in contact with either did not want to be around a "pitty" due to aggression or people only talked about fighting them (which infuriates me). I felt like someone had to stand up for them so why not me. The more I was around the breed the more I began to research and see just how much the public had been misguided about their strength, agility and passion to please their owner. We hope to change the horrible outlook and future that so many pit bulls face today. If we can stop one person from having involvement in dog fighting or one person from being scared of a pit bull then we have accomplished something.

MYTHBUSTER: Pitbulls cannot be trusted with kids

Pitbulls are very protective and loving towards kids. They love the attention and playful energy they receive from children. Again, so much depends on how they are trained and treated.

.My 9 yr. old son and 4 pitbulls