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10:40 AM on January 17, 2012

takes a amazing and devoted person to do what your doing we need more people like that.


34:46 PM on June 16, 2011 

Superb site from Celsa Frisbie

Kathie Harris

11:36 AM on October 20, 2010 

Amanda, This site is wonderful!! You have done an amazing job on it and for a beautiful cause!! Just like humans, the actions of a few, are used to make the rules and assumptions of the whole...So, Pits get a bad RAP!! Hat's off to you sweetie!! You will be very blessed for all you do! :)

Michele Harper

9:36 AM on July 30, 2009 

Amanda, I can tell how much work you have put into this website. i wish i could find something to be this passionate about! Maybe when I get me and Jadin settled I might want one of your pits. Jadin needs a big dog, but it'll have to wait until I get a place of my own, and a yard he can run around in. I hate it when people get animals and they are stuck in a little yard!

Anyway, I'll keep telling people to check this site out. I didnt know much about pits until I went to this website and I think it can re-teach a lot of people regarding the lies and myths surrounding these animals.

Keep up the good work!


2:28 AM on July 4, 2009 

Amanda looks like you and your dam has done a great job. Keep up the good work. If there is something you need just hills.


10:54 PM on June 3, 2009 

Amanda, I think your website is great. I'm sorry to hear about Brownie. Brownie came over one day to visit me at the fence line. I thought Brownie was really a sweet dog. If you need a hand with anything, do not hesitate to call us.


10:51 PM on June 3, 2009 

Wow! Amanda, you've put together a wonderful website. I've learned alot and I'm sure others will too. Keep up the good work.

Hollie D.

11:43 PM on May 2, 2009