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Photo Gallery

Blue Blue Tyler and Blue March 2012. Blue was about 2 yrs old. He is one of the most well behaved mild tempered pit bull I have ever come in contact with. Because we have had him since he was very young he has had proper training and positive socialization. He shows no aggression even being rescued from a large city known for dogfighting and strong bloodlines. He loves to play with all animals and will not even join a fight that starts in front of him. 167275785 Sleeping buddy Pit bulls just like all animals that are raised right, love to be close to you. This is how I wake up sometimes....unable to move my head! 2017 204380014 Carlee and Blue Blue follows Carlee everywhere and watches her very close. 2017 204380013 Carlee and Blue Blue absolutely loves Carlee and follows her everywhere. 204293413 Blue and Tyler Tyler and Blue have bonded and are very close. Blue thinks hes a human like most dogs. People can let this get out of control when they cross the line between dogs and humans. This is when dogs begin misbehaving and may become dangerous. There always has to be discipline and training. 167275784 Merry Christmas Christmas 2012 171975961 Pretty Blue 167275786 Car Riding He loves to ride in the car. Of course he has to sit in the front seat. 167275794 167275788 167275790 167275793 167275797 Merry Christmas 167275796 Blue wearing his hoodie He will let Tyler do anything to him which is a very good dog. He trusts Tyler which when you build a good relationship with your dog you are able to trust each other. 167275791 Blue's New Shirt Blue began rolling in the floor when his new shirt was put on him. 167275789 Blue 2013 approx 2 yrs old 171975960 He doesn't seem to realize he weighs 70+ lbs! 171975957 171975955 171975953 171975962 171975956 171975965 171975963 171975972 171975970 171975968 Flipped over playing 112031782 Tyler and Blue growing up together 111697915 Caught us napping Pit bulls just like most dogs love human contact. They will go thru alot to be close to a human, even hang off the couch to sleep. :) 112031775 Tyler and Blue It's very important for puppies to receive alot of hands on attention to make them comfortable around all different types of people. 111697909 This is how he usually sleeps 112031777 Blue He likes his new bed. Feb. 2011. 111697910 Lil boy Blue 112031776 He always lays on his back. 111697912 113109988 What a cutie! 111697913 Spoiled Laying in my lap. 111697911 112031783 113109994 113109989 Blue and Leo He even sleeps with the cat. 167275792 Pretty Eyes 113109992 Pretty Blue approx 3 mos old 113109991