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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals." Ghandi

On our website...

On our website you will find helpful facts and educational information about the pit bull terrier. There will be small inserts of helpful tips, fun facts and recipes for your pooches throughout the website. We will address several myths that people believe and show pictures to support our information with our own "Pit Stop"members. Please sign our guestbook and feel free to send comments. Be sure to check out our blog and photos. We would love to hear from other pit bull lovers. Please be advised that our website is a work in progress so please return often for new information and photos.

MYTHBUSTER: Pits cannot ever be trusted around other dogs

Pit bulls, after careful assessment, and when treated and trained appropriately can be around any type or size of dog. I cannot stress enough how well people should educate themselves about the pit bull breed before buying or adopting one. They can be the most amazing pet you will ever have if they are trained and cared for appropriately. Pit bulls, besides having large amounts of strength, pain tolerance and energy, they also have a great willingness to please their owner. These characteristics play a big part in the reason pit bulls are chosen for dog fighting.

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